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ABC Theory


Holographic, fractal involved field theory of Cosmogenesis Mind and Consciousness

Leon Maurer has a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology specializing in atomic energy, electronic control systems and communication network systems, with additional studies in modern physics, material science, ceramics, architectural engineering. He has completed graduate studies in communication arts at the New York Institute of Technology, instructed graduate level advanced courses in motion picture special effects, and had done pioneering work in the early development of 3-D computer graphic animation and CGI special effects systems at the NYIT Visual Arts Center and Computer Graphics Lab.

He holds patents as one of the earliest inventors of motion control and automatic animation systems, and is an expert in 3-D stereo-optic visual communication systems. For the past 40 years, Maurer has delved deeply into eastern theories of metaphysics, physiology, psychology and consciousness, and has practiced Patanjali’s Rajah Yoga of Mind Awakening.

Maurer’s Astro Binalogical Coenergetics (ABC) holographic fractal involved field theory of mind-memory is based on a cosmogenesis that postulates subjective consciousness (awareness, will) as a fundamental a priori quality of the underlying, ubiquitous, unconditioned Absolute Space…

This theory further postulates that total gravitational space, it’s involved hyperspacetime fields and all mass energy form/fields (particle-waves, etc.) in physical/material space are generated from the spin momentum (ZPE) of a “singularity” surrounding each zero-point of primal or absolute SPACE (located everywhere throughout total cosmic spacetime)…

These initial fields appear as a (coadunate but not consubstantial) fractal involved series of harmonic radiant energy fields, that descend from near infinite frequency spectrum phase/order, to near zero frequency spectrum phase order in our lowest order physical/material spacetime (which total physical spacetime is analogous to the fractal involved highest order fields of overall cosmic spacetime).

Since these ZPE fields are everywhere (in the Plack vacuum) and their ultimate extension, infinite — they interpenetrate each other in the vast sea of pulsating cosmic spacetime… And, together, constitute the basis of our holographic universe.

See how all these physical (sub quantum, quantum, and classical) fields are analogous with the initial fields of cosmogenesis (extending down through the spiritusl, mental, astral and physical planes):

On our physical/material level or plane — this fundamental octave enfolded hyperspherical (toroidal) harmonic structure of all hyperspace and metric space/energy field/forms in total physical/material spacetime (originating from its own “singularity”—ref: General Relativity) — is the basis of all generation of ZPE fields radiating from the center of origin of all physical forms — beginning with the smallest sub-quantum particle and extending to the largest galaxy, as well as each human being (see illustrations referenced below)

All such fields are also electrodynamic in nature (Ref: Maxwell, Coulomb, Faraday, Ampere equations), Consequently, all structural, memory and mental information is carried as holographically encoded wave interference patterns on the surface of such fields… And transmitted, through descending hyperspace field phase orders to their common zero-point center of consciousness, by phase conjugate adaptive resonance processes.

Thus, Mind itself (in the case of human thought) is one of those hyperspace fields linked coenergetically (resonantly) with the brain’s radiant EM fields… With long term, archetypal, and species memory stored in adjacent higher order coenergetic hyperspace fields (ref: string theory).

At the first moment of cosmogenesis (“big bang” as science sees it) — the initial highest frequency/energy phase order (spiritual) triune fields of spacetime, fractally involve, and descend in orderly frequency-energy phase orders, stepping down from near infinite frequency spectrum’s to near zero — after emanating from the *singularity* of general relativity… Whose dual inherent qualities, at its zero-point center of origin (absolute space) — are both, *potential* subjective consciousness and *potential* objective *matter*.

(Note that only this eternal, unconditioned “absolute space” is forever ineffable — but once manifest or emanated and radiated in time, everything, thereafter, is subject to logical scientific-philosophical investigation and explanation)

The following diagrams symbolize this initial fractal involution and expansion of cosmos.

This source of everything in our physical-phenomenal hyperspace and metric space-time is the timeless and dimensionless zero-point center and surrounding infinite spin momentum, (G-force or “spinergy*) of unconditioned and eternal Absolute SPACE.  This primal space remains, ubiquitously, in our lower order physical/material spacetime, as the zero-point center of “spinergy” at the origin (singularity) of every radiant field, fundamental particle and physical form — up to the largest galaxy, quasar, black hole, etc.  Einstein labeled this ubiquitous source of ZPE, “aether” or ” total space.”

It is this Absolute SPACE that is both the creative force (conscious will) and the receptive womb (infinite spin momentum on triple perpendicular sets of infinite spherical axes) that constitutes the “cosmic eggs” out of which all subsequent universes, with their metaphysical hyperspace and physical metric space fields, fractal involve…  And, after descending to the lowest order physical space (at the third fractal iteration) — subsequently evolve, simply and directly (by natural selection, possibly guided by morphogenetic fields (ref: Sheldrake) linked to fundamental consciousness along with stored memory of previous life forms)… With our cosmos being only one of those infinite “parallel” universes… With the same fundamental cyclic and electrodynamic laws, rooted in primal spin momentum, governing each of them.

Thus, everything (including all multidimensional space-time fields and all matter-energy forms) throughout all spherically manifest SPACE-TIME universes, are cyclic in nature, appear and disappear periodically, and their harmonic field involutions are essentially analogous and corresponding — in accord with holographic principles and the universal laws of electrodynamics… All, based on the ubiquitous fractal topological geometry and the fundamental spin momentum of every-zero-point “singularity” throughout “total space” (including “hyperspace” of string theory and metric spacetime of general relativity [GRT])…

Therefore, since consciousness is the fundamental quality of the zero-point center of spin momentum in absolute space — each such “singularity” is potentially conscious as is every zero-point center of all fractal involved information/energy fields radiating from it, ad infinitum.

To comprehend the origin of this endless and beginningless fundamental nature of all harmonic polar hyperspherical (toroidal) fields, at any phase order of overall involved spacetime, see:

Note that the central spiral vortex crossover point (analogous to all adjoining toroidal fractal involved fields) is what modern string and quantum physicists might call a “twistor” or a “wormhole” in our total physical spacetime.

The following is a cross-section diagram of how all energy fields (starting with cosmogenesis) radiate analogously as a fractal harmonic series of hydrosphere’s (toroids) — one inside the other, ad infinitum:

Note:  Not shown here, are the lines of force emanated in the opposite direction from the initial singularity… Nor are shown the fractal involutions of all spherical fields within each toroid’s outer circles (as they generate their own inner fractal involved hyperspheres due to lateral rotation on their zero-point centers).  That infinite divisibility of absolute space is the basis of the holographic nature of all reality.

This fundamental structure of spacetime includes all non local zero-point fields, radiated from the ZPE at the Planck level, that generate and empower, all the black hole centers of every galaxy, star, planet, organism, organ, cell, virus, down to each fundamental quantum and sub quantum particle (standing-wave) — along with all the electrodynamic radiant fields of metric space and hyperspace in our physical spacetime realm.

Thus, all consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, detection, perception, discernment, discrimination, decision, etc.) is located at the ubiquitous source of all ZPE fields… And all information of consciousness is carried, transformed and transmitted as holographic wave interference patterns on the surfaces of such hyperspace fields… With the entire universe and all the structures within it, essentially a hologram… And with all information of consciousness (both efferent and afferent, or willful and perceptible) carried as AM/FM modulated wave interference patterns on the surface of the higher order coenergetic fields.  Such information can be transmitted from one harmonic fractal involved field to the other, by phase conjugate adaptive resonance… (Note the analogy to musical sound and color spectrum’s on the physical level.)


All such information is also reflected in the EM fields of the brain whose malleable neural network serves as the material/physical/chemical link between the senses, neuromuscular system, and the mind and memory fields.  The brain also is the CPU and controller of all the autonomic life support systems within the corporeal body.  In itself, the brain is entirely unconscious — except for the subliminal cellular awareness each neuron has of their own individual conditions.

All such information of consciousness (either as neurologically transformed sensory or as stored memory field images) can be holographically reconstructed, detected and perceived as qualia by the zero-point of awareness at the image carrier field’s center of origin — solely by reflection of appropriate higher order coherent radiation, projected willfully from the spin-momentum (spinergy) surrounding each point of sensory perception.  This willful projection also is linked to the control of attention — which in the case of vision, automatically directs the saccades, binocular convergence, and focus of the eyes — in conjunction with the neural processing, hard wire-linked everywhere throughout the body, along with the learned control of all intricate and subtle muscle movements at the level of “cell memory”.  In addition, the malleable neurology, through repetitive training, reinforces the will directed neuromuscular energy channels.  This cellular memory and neural channeling easily explains how a musician can play a practiced musical piece, once thoroughly learned, without any conscious thought or perceptive attention to the body or the instrument.  Note that our appreciation of music and our emotional and physical response to it is also based on cellular memory, that may even go as deep as our DNA memory… As evidenced by our body’s pleasurable responses to tonal music (harmonics, resonance, etc.) and rhythm — which (as massage, acupuncture, acupressure, tapping, etc.) can also be used as a medium of healing.

Thus, we see and hear from a point in the center of our head, feel pain at the point of trauma, experience taste on the tongue, smell in the nose, touch on the skin, etc, — with all such zero-points pf awareness entangled with the central zero-point of our individual self or “I AM” consciousness — located in the primal neural plexus at the naval chakra center of the overall, highest frequency phase order (spiritual) field that surrounds and permeates all inner organ and cellular physical fields, along with their harmonic hyperspace fields.  See:

This highest order field center is also linked to the respiratory system, and at another frequency-energy phase order, controls the heart beat.  And, the overall series of higher order fields are equivalent to the undetectable “prana” or “chi” energy fields used in Chinese tai chi chuan and chi gong/acupuncture, as well as aryavedic medicine and vipassana yoga healing techniques.  Thus, everything is interconnected at the level of zero-point consciousness, as well as (on the level of information) through inter-field resonance.

Therefore, right from the primal beginning, everything (including spacetime itself) is electrodynamic in fundamental nature, and all the laws of electricity, harmony, resonance, capacitance, resistance, inductance, etc, as well as thermodynamics (on the metric physical material levels) universally underlie all the laws of nature.

That is the true meaning of the phrase “mind over matter”, and explains all placebo effects, blind sight, phantom limb, near death experience (NDE), out of body experiences (OOBE), déjà vu, and many other observed psychic powers and phenomena’s — that are unsatisfactorily explained, or entirely unexplained by conventional reductive science.

As I see it — which incidentally, doesn’t contradict any valid or *proven* physics… It’s these fundamental laws of cycles, rooted in original spin (pun intended;-) that are also the basis of all mathematically described quantum dynamics, and the origin of all cosmic matter-energy fields and their forms and effects, that are postulated in superstring/M theories, and other, as yet unfalsifiable multidimensional hyperspace (ether) field, plasma field, quantum field, holographic paradigm, micro-particle theories, etc.

As presented here, the ABC model apparently synthesizes all these scientific theories along with all philosophies (that are proven to be true) with “religion” or the re-tying, re-joining or yoking of our individual consciousness with the all wise, all knowing, all present God, deific principle, or cosmic consciousness — that initiates each cycle of cosmic life.

IOW, the cosmos and God are one relatively eternal being… And we each, as a microcosm, are the mirrors of the macrocosm, and destined (as it is) to be reborn again and again — until the lesson is learned, and we return to the source.

Thus, our conscious souls (the surrounding triune monadic fields constituting our higher self) or who/what we are — remain forever an analogous and corresponding image of the cosmic primal fields of consciousness — as consciously and unconsciously experienced periodically by each of us during this cycle of a day in its year of life on Earth in this Solar System … With all existences at any level of reality, conforming to the fundamental laws of cycles and periodicity (rooted in ubiquitous primal spin momentum)… Such that, spirit tends to materialize, and material tends to spiritualize — periodically.



8 Responses to “ABC Theory”

  1. Yin-Yang / Action-Identity is more correctly stated as:
    Yin-Yang / Identity-Action

  2. I like the concision of this presentation. Easier to absorb than the previous. I also like the short bio in the beginning.
    Sorry you lost your old site.

  3. Have you considered bridging your theory to conventional physics without using string or m-theory, since they are highly popular but not necessarily correct? In other words, is your theory tied to strings or can it stand w/o them?

    • Actually, it’s the Kaluza-Klein holographic fractal field manifold, which underlies all string, superstring and M-brane theories, that is consistent with the ABC model… Not the theories themselves — that cover only the fourth lowest order physical/material spacetime realm…

      Thus, they do not have any explanation of the source, nature or mechanisms of consciousness… Neither do they consider its connection with the cosmic intelligence inherent in its “singularity” (located everywhere in physical spacetime)… Nor have they considered the nature of the initial cosmic spiritual-mental-memory fields and their analogous and corresponding reflection in the DNA-RNA molecules, and their field structures… All of which is thoroughly explained by the ABC model.

      So far, the closest any “new physics” theories have come to the ABC fractal field geometry, is the unified field theory of Nassim Haramein and the so called “theory of everything” of Garrett Lisi, along with a couple of microlepton and DNA bio-luminescent field theories coming out of Russia that have some connection with psychic phenomena. However, none of these theories have answered the fundamental questions of consciousness and its interrelationship with mind-memory, brain, body, senses, etc, nor are they any more falsifiable than the ABC model.

      So, there’s not much current physics that is really applicable to the ABC theory… And unfortunately, there is no mathematics that would enable the theory to be published in a peer reviewable professional physics journal — since my physicist collaborator died about 35 years ago, before he could write the equations (which he said he had in his mind). So, until I can find a theoretical mathematician working on his thesis who is willing to write the equations and collaborate on a paper — there’s not much to be done, except continue to publish it here on the web, and explain it in the various consciousness study online forums.

  4. Can you outline your theory in other physics models besides strings or M-theory?

    • As explained in my previous comment, the only current scientific theories that might serve to supplement or verify the ABC model are the recent publications by Haramein and Lisi as well as the theories of Iskakov and Gariaev in Russia. In addition, the holographic paradigm theories of Bohm and Pribrams also have a direct connection with both the ABC model as well as Haramein’s unified field theory…

      So perhaps all their mathematics, along with the non renormalized field equations of Einstein’s general relativity might apply. Also, some of the recent scientific work on “many worlds,” “big bounce,” and relativistic quantum field theories might also fit in nicely with the ABC model…

      But, I doubt if any of those theories can be extended much beyond the higher order hyperspacetime fields in the physical phase realm of the overall cosmic superspacetime postulated by the ABC theory… Although, any such subordinate theory that is consistent with the holographic paradigm would necessary extend into these higher order (Supreme Spirit and Mahatmic) cosmic field realms.

  5. I sent you a reply via the “mind & brain” yahoo interest group, and asked “who are you” [one of my own a-priori meditations] but here at this website I see who you are [in this context at least].

    Fascinating! I just discovered this site — and will stay in touch.


  6. “~; I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ..`

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