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ABC Theory

May 12, 2009

This fundamental structure of spacetime includes all non local zero-point fields, radiated from the ZPE at the Planck level, that generate and empower, all the black hole centers of every galaxy, star, planet, organism, organ, cell, virus, down to each fundamental quantum and sub quantum particle (standing-wave) — along with all the electrodynamic radiant fields of metric space and hyperspace in our physical spacetime realm.

Thus, all consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, detection, perception, discernment, discrimination, decision, etc.) is located at the ubiquitous source of all ZPE fields… And all information of consciousness is carried, transformed and transmitted as holographic wave interference patterns on the surfaces of such hyperspace fields… With the entire universe and all the structures within it, essentially a hologram… And with all information of consciousness (both efferent and afferent, or willful and perceptible) carried as AM/FM modulated wave interference patterns on the surface of the higher order coenergetic fields. Such information can be transmitted from one harmonic fractal involved field to the other, by phase conjugate adaptive resonance… (Note the analogy to musical sound and color spectrum’s on the physical level.)